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Tropics Jerk Center

Authentic Jamaican Food

Tropics Jerk Center started out as just our pleasurable talent of cooking and entertaining friends and family until it turned into a dream.

After living in Atlanta for a few years, we started our quest to finding a place which provided authentic Jamaican jerk chicken, so we tried several jerk spots in and around the Atlanta area and was not successful. The food was sometimes good, but still not the authentic taste we sought after or was looking for. Thus our decision to provide that “genuine authentic” taste of Jamaican jerk cuisine.

We later stumbled upon a unique building which then became our Tropics home, and it was at that time, our dream started to become a reality. .
In January 2014 the work began. Designs, renovations, building and architecture was done by Morisa Godfrey(owner), while wife Tanya Godfrey(owner) provided her vast knowledge and business acumen. The grand opening was in that same year, April 2014 .

Our intentions and goals were simply to provide the traditional Jamaican, highly sought after jerk chicken taste as we knew it growing up as children in Jamaica, NOT oven baked as do other restaurants.

Tropics menu and homely island ambiance provides a tropical experience, a little taste of Jamaica for those who may be a little nostalgic for home or for those who just love the islands.

At the time of opening, Our menu was very simple as we took it way back to just jerk chicken & pork, escovitch fish, festival, bammy and green or ripe plantain. As we grew, our customers had some other caribbean favorites which they inquired about. These items such as mac & cheese, rice & peas, sweet potato pudding and bread pudding just to name a few, were later added to our current menu.

Tropics is a family owned and operated business where we pride ourselves on providing good customer service and satisfaction. A true taste of the Islands away from the islands.